The latest version of the Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) rules is from August 3, 2009. However, there have been changes to the statutes (which are the basis of the WCA rules) in 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017. Some of these changes were effective immediately, others require BWSR to modify the WCA rule in order for them to take effect. In addition to the WCA rule, the following documents show all of the statute changes and identify those that are in effect now and those that will only be in effect once WCA rules are revised. It is important to review the statute changes when consulting the WCA rule for regulatory requirements. Until the WCA rules are updated, the 2009 rule along with the statutory changes that are in effect now constitute the current regulatory requirements.

2009 WCA Rule (pdf)

2017 WCA Statute Change Related to Wetland Replacement and Presettlement Areas (pdf)

2017 Statute Changes (pdf)

2015 WCA Statute Changes (pdf)

2012 WCA Statute Changes (pdf)

2011 WCA Statute Changes (pdf)



Ken Powell
Wetland Conservation Act Operations Supervisor