Dr. Mary Cole joins the Soil Food Web School Team to talk about Pathogenic Fungi & Plant Pathogens, problems of our making, not theirs! Fungi have a role and place in the diverse ecosystem that is Life on Earth. Fungi became known as ‘pathogens’ because of our monoculture style of agriculture. But fungi have an imperative role in sequestering carbon in the soil, holding water in the soil, and building resilience in the face of climate threats to agriculture. 

Dr. Mary Cole, is a well-known academic, plant pathologist, and soil microbiologist who provides instruction and workshops/courses in biological non-chemical/sustainable agricultural farming practices to farmers, students, and consultants around the world. As an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne she supervises PhD students and her lab, Agpath P/L, provides summer vacation experience in soil microbiology and composting for graduates of Victorian and interstate universities in Australia. Mary's passion for the life in the soil has seen her actively encouraging minimal to no use of synthetic chemistry in farming systems with great success around the world. She encourages increased knowledge among farmers, increased resilience of their land in the face of climate impact, and increased nutrition in the plants and animals farmed.

Soil Health and Management

Soil Food Web School

45 minutes
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United States


This is part of the Soil Regen Summit 2021 Series.