Targeted watershed work protects Lake McCarrons

In Roseville, the Capitol Region Watershed District drew from targeted watershed Clean Water Funds to protect a popular swimming and fishing lake, collaborating with the school district, city and Ramsey County at a land-locked site to construct a stormwater treatment solution under a sledding hill at Parkview Center School.

Mississippi WMO collaboration curbs flooding, pollution

Minneapolis’ public works and parks departments played vital roles in the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization’s $7.4 million project designed to produce cleaner stormwater, create habitat with native plants and trees, and curb flooding in Columbia Golf Course and the surrounding neighborhood.

Wetland project benefits Buffalo River

A 175-acre restoration project in Becker County will reduce the amount of nutrients entering the Buffalo River, create habitat and generate 87.5 wetland banking credits.

Next stop: Easements, water storage

BWSR's 2021 annual Board tour included stops at 13 conservation projects in Mower and Freeborn counties. Highlights included three water storage structures, conservation easements and a visit to a collaborative 8-acre farm used to study best management practices for soil health.