Protecting water quality with RIM Wellhead Easements

Drinking water is in the news a lot recently. Access to clean, safe drinking water is vital for community health and wellhead protection is one way to help protect this resource. Wellhead protection manages potential sources of contamination in an area which supplies water to a public well.

Managing private land for climate adaptation

Did you know that Minnesota’s row crop landscape is in many cases only fully covered by vegetation for three months out of the year? Bare soils are susceptible to wind and water erosion, and eroded sediments and attached nutrients make their way to surface waterbodies. This makes the landscape vulnerable to climate impacts, particularly extreme precipitation. Programs implemented by BWSR have helped to restore vegetation and living cover to sensitive landscapes and protect soil and water quality from climate impacts.

Working toward delisting in Carver County

Delisting impaired waters is never an easy task, but in Carver County work is underway to do just that. Burandt Lake, a deep 92-acre lake that lies just downstream of Lake Waconia and discharges to Carver Creek, was put on the impaired waters list in 2004 for excess nutrients. Carver County is leading a partnership that includes the Carver County Soil and Water Conservation District, Carver County Water Management Organization, City of Waconia and the Waconia School District to implement a major water reuse project that should remove the lake from the impaired list.