This is a collection of trainings, replays, and information pertaining to the design, installation, and certification of Water and Sediment Control Basins (CPS638).

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Online Learning

United States


General WASCOB Training

  1. Basic WASCOB – This course is intended for staff that are very new to the WASCOB practice and need to learn terminology design concepts and start to visualize how WASCOBS are laid out in the field.
  2. WASCOB Design Spreadsheet – These training videos introduce employees to NRCS’S WASCOB Design Spreadsheet.  The design spreadsheet can be found on – Minnesota – Section IV – Engineering Tools
  3. Tables of Riser dimensions for use in a WASCOB Design
  4. LiDAR based tools for design of WASCOBs in ArcGIS – This training provides an overview and demonstration of the LiDAR tools for the planning and design of WASCOBS in ArcGIS.


EFT – Terrace Design Tool (TDT)

Engineering Field Tools – TDT is an approved tool to design WASCOBs in MN.  Following MN PS 638 and PS 606, it will check capacity based on user inputs of survey data, desired dimensions, and proposed alignments for a basin design as well as a tile design. 

  1. Basic EFT preferences - This video explains how to import preferences, the “why behind most of the preferences used in EFT in MN and also explains using the MN Configuration. 
    •  EFT Preferences
  2. Video on how to export a photo from ArcMap for import into EFT (reference TDT Workflow)
  3. Video on how to export a LiDAR DEM and contours from ArcMap for Import into EFT (reference TDT Workflow)
  4. Step by step instructions document with screen clips for a WASCOB design in TDT
  5. Document listing common TDT errors and ways to resolve them