The new version of the seeding spreadsheet has the ability to do seeding checkouts based on seed tags listing a Pure Live Seed (PLS) applied column. This method streamlines the checkout data entry to just one number per species. The spreadsheet still accommodates doing a checkout with a seed tag using the traditional purity and germination data entries. It also provides for a two step process whereby a seed tag utilizing purity and germ data can be combined with a PLS style tag to get a single efficient printout to document  the seeding meets standards and specs.

All species included in the calculator can now be brought into a seed mix using a reference number assigned to that species. The reference number will bring in the data used for that species in mix evaluation, such as seeds per pound, bloom period and etc. The use of the reference number will streamline the process of customizing a mix.

Basic Tech Skills (Matrix)
Vegetation – Species, Seeding and Seed Mixes


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