Clean water projects going the distance

Cook County’s Poplar River is an important natural resource. The Poplar River watershed is high-profile, containing a vital trout fishery, recreation areas, and other natural areas that make it an economic engine for the North Shore. The river also drains directly into Lake Superior, which means that water quality standards for the river are exceptionally high. Learn how local partners have worked together to protect and restore these vital waters.

Targeting conservation in Rock County

Conservation professionals know that on any given landscape, there are certain areas that are more susceptible to things like erosion and runoff. Finding those sites, however, can be time consuming and labor intensive. Thanks to technological advances and stronger data, targeting sites that are at the greatest risk and implementing practices that can make the most difference on the land has become easier to do. Learn how the Rock Soil and Water Conservation District is using Clean Water Funds to put these technologies to work to maximize conservation. 

Partnering for Minnesota’s environment

Work to improve Minnesota’s natural resources doesn’t fall on the shoulders of any one agency, be it state or local. Relationships between different levels of government and different agencies are key to making progress toward our state’s conservation goals. The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) is one example of such a partnership.