(Time: will vary)  This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental basics of prescribed burning. At the end of the course the student should have a working knowledge of fire law, fire terminology, fire prescriptions, firebreaks, smoke management and a basic understanding of how to conduct a prescribed burn. This course is not intended to take the place of workshops, training sessions and actual experience in the field conducting prescribed burns. "Basic Prescribed Fire Training" should give the student an understanding of the principles of prescribed fire and fire effects. Upon satisfactorily completing all chapters of this training the student can print a certificate of completion.   

Practice Specific
Online Course

Oklahoma State University

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Online Learning

Instructors: Jennifer Fawcett & John Weir

Content Specialist: Dwayne Hunter

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Follow prompts to take the course.  You can stop and resume at a later time. When it comes to the state law sections, use Section 2.1.3 as Nebraska’s laws are most similar to Minnesota.

Participants should be aware that there is special policy regarding required training before including the prescribed burning practice in a conservation plan.  National Policy can be found here and here.