Red Lake County SWCD focuses on Clearwater River

Clean Water Funds support agricultural practices that mend field-splitting gullies, save topsoil and improve water quality of the sediment-impaired Clearwater River.

Protecting Del Clark Lake's water quality

Clean Water Funds support three agencies' work in Yellow Medicine County on projects designed to protect the water quality of popular recreation destination Del Clark Lake.

Crow Wing SWCD’s targeted approach gains deeper rewards

Watershed-focused work that started with a Clean Water Fund pilot program grant in 2014 not only achieved its water quality goal but also strengthened the SWCD’s partnerships in Deerwood and Crosby.

Wetland trifecta: habitat, park, roads

More than 64 acres of restored wetlands replaced the former Woodland Creek Golf Course in Andover. Today, the site is a city park with a popular walking trail.