Lake Augusta delisting reflects trend

Water quality improvements throughout the Clearwater River Watershed District contribute to two central Minnesota lakes’ removal from the impaired waters list, showing the cumulative effect of rural conservation plus Clean Water Fund-backed stormwater treatment in Kimball and Watkins.

Building landscape resiliency via water storage

A new Water Quality and Storage Pilot Program offers $1 million in grants to local governments to help Minnesota communities prepare to handle extreme weather events.

Shingle Creek’s linked restorations

Within an urban stormwater system that drains to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Shingle Creek Watershed Management Commission’s Clean Water Fund-backed habitat and water quality work focuses on stretches of streambanks within Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.

Live stakes: How to expand shrubbery

A contributor to BWSR’s Lawns to Legumes program offers a tutorial on how to propagate native shrubs.