Mississippi headwaters protections expand to tributaries, create more linked corridors

The Mississippi Headwaters Habitat Corridor Project has protected 7,000 acres and 50-plus miles of shoreline to date, exceeding its goals by more than 250%. Its continued efforts in the eight-county headwaters region have expanded to tributaries within the watershed.

BWSR guidance makes solar projects more wetland-friendly

Because of statewide growth in solar energy development, BWSR and other state agencies continue to update guidance related to habitat friendly solar development, solar facility siting, and wetland regulatory programs.

Bois de Sioux Watershed District builds on multi-benefit successes

Work is set to start this spring on the first phase of the Bois de Sioux Watershed District’s Mustinka River rehabilitation project — part of a $50 million, multi-partner flood-control effort within the Red River Valley that has water quantity, water quality and wildlife habitat benefits.