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Add New Progress Report
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Progress Reports include entering and updating activity information where progress has been made, as well as creating and submitting a report through the Progress Report function. Progress reports may also require the attachment of additional documentation in support of the reported activities of the grant and/or to support reimbursement requests.

The deadline for Progress Reporting varies by grant program and the terms of the grant agreement; however, generally reports are required:

  • Annually by February 1st
  • At the 40% payment request for competitive grants
  • Within 30 days of the end of the grant agreement, or expenditure of all grant and match funds, whichever occurs first
  • For reimbursement-based grants, by published quarterly deadlines

The first step in progress reporting is to enter and/or update Grant Activity information where progress has been made. This includes entering or updating activities, expenditures made on activities, providing additional information or details about activity accomplishments, and mapping and entering final estimated indicators as appropriate for completed projects. For instructions on how to create and/or update activity information, see the Managing Activities section, or the eLINK Cookbook: Managing Activities.

This section of the eLINK Cookbook will outline how to create and submit a progress report, add supplemental attachments, and return funds (when applicable).


Add New Progress Report

You can access Progress Reporting by clicking Grants > Grants heading on the left side menu of the Grants screen. This will bring you to a list of all active Grants for your organization(s). To navigate to the Progress Reporting for a given grant, click the adjacent Edit action icon to open the Grant Activities tab. Before initiating a progress report, be sure that Grant Activities have been updated first (if applicable).

Next, click on the “Progress Reporting” tab. You will see a list of previously created Progress Reports and, depending on the status of the grant, you should see the Add New Progress Report button. Note: Add New Progress Report will not be available if your grant agreement is not yet executed, if you already have a progress report in process, or if the grant has been closed.

From the Progress Reporting tab:

  1. Click the “Add New Progress Report” button to initiate a new Progress Report
  2. Indicate if this is a Final Report (i.e. if you are closing out the grant)
    1. If it is a Final Report, you will be asked if you are returning funds. If you indicate "Yes" (you are returning funds), you will need to confirm:
      1. Amount to be returned”
      2. Check #
      3. You will also need to complete step 8 below (print and return the form and your check to BWSR)
  3. If prompted, indicate if you are requesting payment (may not be available for all grants):
    1. If you have indicated "Yes", enter Payment Amount Requested.
    2. As many BWSR grants use a 50/40/10 payment schedule, the 40% and 10% amounts are shown as a guideline. If you are requesting reimbursement, you will need to calculate the difference between amount spent and amount paid to date.
  4. Complete the Narrative section that the Board Conservationist should know about in the Progress Report. Examples include: “Annual progress report”; “No funds spent in CY 2023”; “Greater than 50% of the grant has been spent and we are requesting the 40% installment.”
  5. Click “Save” in order to save the Progress Report. You should see a pop-up message indicating “the progress report has been saved! Don’t forget to submit”
  6. Change the Status of the grant progress report to “Submitted”.
  7. Click Submit. You should receive a pop-up message indicating “The progress report has been submitted”. This will automatically generate and attach a PDF copy of the progress report (under Manage Grant Details>Attachments). A system generated email will alert your Board Conservationist that the report is ready for review.
  8. IF YOU HAVE INDICATED YOU ARE RETURNING FUNDS: Click on the Generate Returned Funds Form button to generate the Returned Funds Form. The form must be printed and mailed to BWSR along with the check to the address on the form.


Adding Attachments

Add an attachment through the Progress Reporting tab. When a new progress report is added and saved, an “Add Attachment” button is displayed on the bottom of the page. Click on that button, and a popup will open:

  1. Document: Click Choose File, and use your browser to locate the document you wish to attach
  2. Document Type: Select “GENERAL_ATTACHMENT” for the type.
  3. Document Name: Give the attachment an appropriate name.
  4. Click “Upload” A pop-up window will indicate “The attachment has been saved!”
  5. Click "Ok"
  6. The attachment appears in the grid at the bottom of the Progress Report page.
  7. Do not forget to submit your Progress Report!


Submitting Your Progress Report

Progress Reporting submittal is complete once all the activity and expenditure information has been updated for a grant and the progress report has been created and submitted. The Board Conservationist will review the Progress Report, and either approve or request more information. If more information is requested, the Board Conservationist will provide detail on what additional information is needed. Board Conservationist approval of the Progress Report signifies successful completion of eLINK reporting requirements.

See sample report screens:


Interim Report with No Funds Spent

For new grants where the no expenditures have been reported, the system may present you with a prompt:

Interim with no funds spent
  1. Click Add New Progress report
  2. A popup window will open that states: "This looks like an initial annual report, with no funds spent to date. Is this correct?"
  3. By clicking Yes, your report will be submitted and mark approved
  4. If you have forgotten to enter expenditures or activities, click, "No, go to Activities" to close out of this window. Update your Grant Activity reporting before attempting to create and submit a Progress Report.



Interim Report

Interim Report


Interim Report with Payment Request

Interim Report w/Payment


Final Report (for advance payment grants with no funds to return)

Final Report


Final Report with Payment Request: for finalized grants when a reimbursement payment is requested


Final Report with Payment Request



Final Report with Funds to Return to BWSR

Final Report w/ Funds Returned to BWSR



If you have an eLINK question, please email elinksupport@state.mn.us or if you encounter an eLINK error message please submit an elinksupport ticket via the Support form in eLINK.