Cascading success: On a former golf course, a Rochester stream, floodplain restoration

South Branch Cascade Creek, once an erosion problem that sliced through a former golf course in Rochester, Minnesota, is being restored in a multi-year project that incorporates natural channel design and a planned floodplain.

Improving water quality for multiple benefits

Is it possible to make a pretty nice downtown area even nicer, all while making the water cleaner? That’s just what a new study by The Riley – Purgatory – Bluff Creek Watershed District sets out to do.

Targeting the Chisago Chain of Lakes: Improved Lakes, Improved Communities

The priority was simple: Keep the Chisago Chain of Lakes swimmable and fishable. Several of those lakes are impaired because of excess nutrients such as phosphorus. Many others within the Chisago Lakes Chain of Lakes Watershed show increasing phosphorus levels, which could lead to impairment.