Japanese Barberry Control

Image of Invasive Species Control Japanese Barberry Control Management

Management:  Japanese barberry was my introduction to invasive species. The landowner I worked with was already in progress of a contract and had tried different chemicals with no success. However, the area was so thick that he could not safely get in to do any cutting and he could not successfully do a basal treatment. Most of it was being applied by spray and was not reaching where it was needed. Based on a recommendation from Dale Sutherland of CPS Timberland, he tried a mixture of 3% Garlon 4 ultra and liberate (also recommended for multi-flora rose). There was dieback progress from spraying this in May when there was full leaf. This landowner later had a chopper come in and mow this area down and then re-sprayed where cut. The seeds are viable for 10+years and will remain a management problem for some time. I mapped the area and found other sites that have also been invaded by Japanese barberry. Planning and landowner contact on this project continues.( Terri Peters, Wabasha SWCD)


Dan Shaw
Senior Ecologist/Vegetation Specialist