Carver County habitat restored

Carver County landowners working with the SWCD found MN CREP easements were the best option for two sites often too wet to farm. Water quality and habitat benefit from 152 acres of restored land that includes part of a once-drained lakebed, a wetland and surrounding uplands.

Building a productive pasture

With an NRCS rotational grazing plan and EQIP assistance, Pope County beef producer Jennifer Olson is improving forage on a former CRP enrollment. She anticipates water-quality benefits and erosion control.

BWSR guide offers options for groundwater protection

BWSR recently released a guide that recommends conservation practices to protect groundwater and drinking water on Minnesota's agricultural lands, with advice tailored to public water suppliers and private well owners.

Adrian protects city water supply

Willing landowners, Nobles SWCD and Minnesota Rural Water Association staff worked with the city of Adrian to achieve permanent nitrate filtration. It was the first time a Clean Water Fund wellhead protection grant was used to buy land.