The Strategic Farming webinar series will provide up to date, research based information to help you optimize your crop management strategies for 2023. Pull up a chair and join in or bring the conversation with you as you go about your day. These online sessions will be very informal and open to all interested. Each session will start with a brief presentation by the discussion leaders for the day, followed by discussion framed around farmer/participant questions on the topic. In this webinar, join Drs. Rex Bernardo, UMN maize breeder, and Aaron Lorenz, UMN soybean breeder, as we discuss  U of MN research on semi-dwarf corn and the advantages this corn might provide. Breeding efforts around soybean cyst nematode (SCN), a major yield robber in soybean, will also be discussed as field populations of SCN adapt to our current tools.

Basic Tech Skills (Matrix)
Ag & Agronomy

UMN Extension

60 minutes
Training Type
Online Learning

United States


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