The purpose of the PTMApp Theory and Documentation page is to provide the scientific background on the processes behind PTMApp, user guides for PTMApp web and desktop users, workshop and training materials, and example PTMApp products. 

NOTE:  This page has been recently updated and BWSR is transitioning the original Theory and Documentation page to this destination by August 2021.  If you have any questions regarding the Theory and Documentation materials, please contact

PTMApp - Theory

Original Theory Documentation (pdf)

PTMApp - Technical Memos

Benefits Analysis (pdf)

BMP Suitability Memo (pdf)

BMPs and Treatment Memo (pdf)

Treatment Train Memo (pdf)

Ingest ACPF_Technical Memorandum (pdf)

Measure Methods Memo Final (pdf)

PTMApp - User Guides and Help Documents

PTMApp Web User Guide (docx)

PTMApp User Guide ArcMap (pdf)

PTMApp User Guide Pro (pdf)

PTMApp Web User Guide (pdf)

Attribute Catalog Table (pdf)

Data Catalog Table (pdf)

QA/QC Desktop Outputs (pdf)

Error Submission Steps - Pro - Jan2020 (pdf)

Error Submission Steps Sept2018 (pdf)

PTMApp Desktop Release Notes October 2021

PTMApp - Training Materials

Session 1 Develop Input Data (pdf)

Session 2 Run PTMApp (pdf)

Session 3 Create PTMApp Output Products (pdf)

PTMApp - Needs Assessment

PTMApp Needs Assessment (pdf)





Matt Drewitz
Measures and Outcomes Coordinator