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Purpose: This page provides guidance on how to report Nonstructural Land Management Practices (NLMPs) where a contract is implemented over multiple years, and where the practice location may change each year.

NLMP Reporting Decision Tree:

Graphic shows decision tree when reporting on nonstructural land management practices.

1. Is the contract length more than 1 year?

If no, enter 1 Activity Detail.

  • Count of Activities = 1
  • Map location(s)
  • Lifespan = 1 year
  • Size = enter applicable amount
  • Installed Date = date practice installed
  • Enter indicators for practice

If yes, go to question 2.

2. Is the practice located in the same location(s) each year?

If yes, enter 1 Activity Detail.

  • Count of Activities = 1
  • Map location(s) once
  • Lifespan = contract length (# of years practice implemented
  • Size = annual amount (NOT total for all years)
  • Installed Date = date first year of practice is installed
  • Indicators should be entered as an annual amount (Ex. tons/year)

If no, enter a separate Activity Detail for each year. Example: 3 activity details for 3-year contract.

  • Count of Activities = 1
  • Map location(s) as appropriate for each year
  • Lifespan = 1 year
  • Size = amount implemented each year
  • Installed Date = date practice is installed each year
  • Indicators should be entered for each year