There are many items that can go in a media kit, depending on the purpose of your event, but the following are some standard components:

  • A copy of your press release or event-specific information
  • Information about your organization (a one-pager, brochure, or an annual report)
  • Project-specific information or fact sheets
  • Press clippings
  • Quotes, comments, or other narrative that can be used in story development
  • Charts, visuals, or photographs
  • Other background information
  • Ways for interested individuals to find out more information
  • A business card for your organization’s key contact

The key is to tailor the press kit to your specific event, and make sure there is enough information inside it for interested media to develop the basis for a story. Fact sheets, organizational history, annual reports, and other types of information are all great background pieces to include as part of your media kit.