This is the ninth webinar, delivered in 4 segments, in NAWM and NRCS’s jointly-developed nine-part wetland training webinar series. The webinar began with a look at how weather and climate are different, and how the climate has been changing and will continue to change over time. The webinar shared how these changes over time have affected wetlands and may continue to affect wetlands and decisions about their management. Moving from broad climate issues to specific regional/landscape issues, the second part of the webinar explored how additional complexity is caused by regional issues, water rights, coastal issues and more. Presentation of two illustrative case studies showed how decisions are affected by these issues in the real world. The final segment of the webinar focused on how conservation planners and others working with wetlands can use tools to integrate climate considerations into land management. The webinar closed with suggestions about ways to work with land managers to address climate at the site level and provide a decision-making framework for professionals working on these issues.

  • Part 9.0: Introduction: Brenda Zollitsch, Policy Analyst, Association of State Wetland Managers Time: 5:50
  • Part 9.1: Trainer: Trainer: Susan Galatowitsch, University of Minnesota Time: 26:57
  • Part 9.2: Trainer: Ryan O’Connor, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Time: 30:22
  • Part 9.3: Trainer: Danielle Shannon, USDA Climate Hubs, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) Time: 32:32
Basic Tech Skills (Matrix)
Wetland ID & Ecology Basics


96 minutes
Training Type
Online Learning

United States


Recorded May, 2019