This first webinar, presented in 5 segments, in ASWM and NRCS’s jointly developed nine-part wetland training webinar series provides an introduction to wetlands. The webinar introduces the primary components of a wetland, moving on to what makes wetlands distinctive from other types of waters and land. Next, the webinar covers the variability of wetlands across the landscape, including across seasons and time and the benefits of wetlands. The training concludes with a discussion of the history of and changes in agriculture policy in relation to wetland losses and gains. By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to describe what a wetland is and be able to explain to others the value of wetlands.

  1. Part 1.0 – Introduction: Brenda Zollitsch, Policy Analyst, Association of State Wetland Managers  Time: 7:00
  2. Part 1.1A – Introduction: Jeanne Christie, Executive Director, Association of State Wetland Mangers Time: 28:00
  3. Part 1.1B – Presenter: Mary Manning, US Forest Service  Time: 29:15
  4. Part 1.2 – Presenter: Doug Norris, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources  Time: 19:10
  5. Part 1.3 – Presenter: Karen Fullen, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service  Time: 22:55
Basic Tech Skills (Matrix)
Wetland ID & Ecology Basics


Training Type
Online Learning

Recorded, June 2018