The Technical Training & Certification Program (TTCP) is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the new Technical Training Individual Development Plan tool (“Tech Training IDP” tool). 

The tool will help users create their Individual Development Plan (IDP), set long- and short-term professional development goals, communicate  training needs, track credentials, and document completed training.  This is your opportunity to have an impact on what training events are offered through the Technical Training and Certification Program each year!

The tool will also give managers the ability to document priority resource concerns and practices for their area, assess the capability of their office to assist landowners with those practices, and track employee certifications, credentials and training. Managers can also use the IDPs to assist staff in prioritizing and achieving professional development goals.

Manager-specific training: All eLINK users with a “Manager” role within an NRCS, SWCD, TSA can view and edit training needs and training history on behalf of their organization’s staff. Additionally, they have the ability to access the “Organizational Priorities” component, which is only available to staff with a “Manager role”. This component allows this user type to enter their organization’s priority resource needs, and the priority practices used to address those needs. This allows the organization to prioritize individual training needs on behalf of their staff, and also allows the TTCP program to prioritize the trainings they will provide. We’ll teach anyone with a “manager” or “administrator” role how to enter their organization’s priority needs and practices into the system for TTCP staff to use to evaluate training needs.

No registration is required. This event will be recorded and shared & also available on the web for anyone who is not able to participate live or wants to watch it again.

Please Note:  The event password is IDP



9:00-10:30 am
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Upcoming Training

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The event password is IDP