The Re-Invest in Minnesota (RIM) Handbook is a resource for local staff and BWSR staff that conveys program policy, guidelines, and procedures related to the RIM program

Table of Contents

1.   RIM Reserve Eligibility Information

2.   Landowner Eligibility Types

3.   Easement Acquisition: Processing Framework

4.   Easement Acquisition Flowchart

5.   Application Stage

6.   Agreement Stage

          a.  Conservation Easement Agreement

          b.  Conservation Plan Development

          c.  Practice Specifications

          d.  Flowage Easements

7.   Easement Stage/Title Insurance

          a.  Title Insurance Procedures

          b.  Severed Mineral Rights Policy and Procedure

          c.  Specimen Title Insurance Policy

8.   Conservation Plan Implementation

9.   Conservation Plan Amendments

10. Easement Site Inspection

11. Non-Compliance/Violation Procedures

12. Ownership Changes

13. Easement Alterations