two men in field
Winona County SWCD resource specialist Lance Klessig, left, and landowner Robb Miller look at soil structure and roots from a triticale cover crop planted in 2019 on Miller's Lewiston farm. Miller is one of seven landowners participating in a 2021 Winona County spring cover crop tour. Photo Credit: Lance Klessig, Winona County SWCD
A cover crop seed mix contains buckwheat, flax and multiple clover species. Photo Credits: Lance Klessig, Winona County SWCD
sign in field
A sign highlights cover crops on a Winona County farm. In this instance, 60 inch corn was planted into a cereal rye cover crop. Photo Credit: Lance Klessig, Winona County SWCD
Matt Tentis uses cover crops on his Wabasha County farm, seen above. Photo Credit: BWSR
Crop residue can be seen in a farm field that incorporates cover crops. Photo Credit: Minnesota Soil Health Coalition
Turnips are planted as a cover crops at Twin Oaks Farm in Northfield. Photo Credit: BWSR