This webinar covers Phases I and II, Steps 1 through 7 of the Conservation Planning process. Participants will learn: how identifying problems and opportunities contributes to conservation plan development, how to determine a client’s planning objectives, how to collect appropriate natural resource, economic and social planning information for planning areas, and a variety of technical worksheets. How to study the resource data and clearly define the existing natural resource conditions, including any limitations to their use and potentials. How to determine their effectiveness in addressing the client’s identified resource concerns, opportunities and objectives. Planners need to consider environmental consequences of recommended actions and to provide decision makers information about the actions that might negatively impact resource concerns. How to take advantage of opportunities and prevent or lessen the possibility of additional problems occurring, to assist the client in selecting conservation treatment alternatives, and to prepare the conservation plan documents that are required. 

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Conservation Planning


1 hour 38 minutes
Training Type
Online Learning

Recorded July 2018. This webinar is a prerequisite for the 4 day Conservation Planning Course