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State Seed Mixes

State agencies have created standard restoration and conservation seed mixes that can be used for projects (Many native seed vendors can supply these mixes). Below are lists of current “State Seed Mixes” that have been in use since 2009.
Also listed are “Pilot Seed Mixes” that were developed to expand the use of native plant species for a variety of landscapes, and provide “model” mixes for projects that can be adapted for specific site conditions. These mixes are in a testing phase where we are looking for opportunities to work with partners to test their effectiveness on projects to guide future updates. 
Note that cover crops are included in the mixes, so additional cover crops are not typically needed unless additional stabilization is necessary for projects (such as steep slopes).     

Other Links:
Seed Mix Substitution Table (species with similar cost and ecological niche to be used when species are not
available or when range is from too far away)
BWSR Vegetation Establishment and Enhancement Guidelines (Vegetation Policy for all BWSR funded projects)

Current State Seed Mixes

Cover Crops

Oats Cover Crop 21-111 (PDF format) or (Word format)      
Winter Wheat Cover Crop 21-112 (PDF format) or (Word format)                          
Soil Building Cover Crop 21-113 (PDF format) or (Word format)                     

Native Grassland                             

Dry Prairie General 35-221 (PDF format) or (Word format)                                      
Mesic Prairie General 35-241 (PDF format) or (Word format)                                  
Dry Prairie Northwest 35-421 (PDF format) or (Word format)                                
Mesic Prairie Northwest 35-441 (PDF format) or (Word format)                             
Dry Prairie Southwest 35-521 (PDF format) or (Word format)                               
Mesic Prairie Southwest 35-541 (PDF format) or (Word format)                             
Dry Prairie Southeast 35-621(PDF format) or (Word format)                                    
Mesic Prairie Southeast 35-641 (PDF format) or (Word format)                      

Mid-term Stabalization Native

Native Construction 32-241 (PDF format) or (Word format)                                

Stormwater Facilities

Stormwater South and West 33-261 (PDF format) or (Word format)                          
Dry Swale/Pond 33-262  (PDF format) or (Word format)                                             
Stormwater Northeast 33-361 (PDF format) or (Word format)                             


Riparian South and West 34-261 (PDF format) or (Word format)                             
Riparian Northeast 34-361  (PDF format) or (Word format)                                      
Wetland Rehabilitation 34-171 (PDF format) or (Word format)                              
Emergent Wetland 34-181   (PDF format) or (Word format)                                       
Riparian South and West 34-261 (PDF format) or (Word format)                            
Wet Prairie 34-262 (PDF format) or (Word format)                                                 
Wet Meadow Northeast  34-371  (PDF format) or (Word format)                             
Wet Meadow South and West 34-271 (PDF format) or (Word format)                                   


Woodland Edge South and West 36-211 (PDF format) or (Word format)              
Woodland Edge Northwest 36-411 (PDF format) or (Word format)                          
Woodland Edge Northeast 36-311 (PDF format) or (Word format)                        
Woodland Edge Central  36-711(PDF format) or (Word format)                          

Pilot Seed Mixes


Biofuels Biomass Northwest (PDF format) or (Word format)                                         
Biofuels/Biomass Southeast (PDF format) or (Word format)
Biofuels/Biomass Southwest (PDF format) or (Word format)                                                                                      


Mesic Short Urban Buffer Northeast (PDF format) or (Word format                                 
Mesic Short Urban Buffer South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)
Low Diversity Buffer General (PDF format) or (Word format                                                        
Mid Diversity Mesic to Dry Buffer South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)                       
Mid Diversity Moist Buffer Northeast (PDF format) or (Word format)
Dry Short Urban Buffer General (PDF format)
Mid Diversity Moist Buffer South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)
Native Forage Buffer Mix South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)

Conservation Grazing

Conservation Grazing South & West (PDF format) or (Word format


Early Successional Floodplain General (PDF format) or (Word format)

Forest Groundcover

Forest Groundcover East (PDF format) or (Word format                                                             


Impoundment General (PDF format) or (Word format                                                               


Beneficial Insects South and West  (PDF format) or (Word format)                                             
Landfill Pollinator Mesic South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)                                       
Landfill Pollinator Dry Northeast (PDF format) or (Word format)                                                  
Landfill Pollinator Dry South & West  (PDF format) or (Word format                                       
Landfill Pollinaor Mesic Northeast  (PDF format) or (Word format)                                              
Stormwater Pond Pollinator Northeast (PDF format) or (Word format)
Pollinator Plot Northwest (PDF format) or (Word format                                                             
Pollinator Plots Northeast (PDF format) or (Word format)                                                    
Pollinator Plot Southeast  (PDF format) or (Word format                                                             
Pollinator Plot Southwest (PDF format) or (Word format                                                              
Pollinator Plot Urban Southeast (PDF format) or (Word format                                                  
Honey Bee Plot Native Non-native General (Under revision) (PDF format) or (Word format)      

Sand Mine Reclamation

Sand Mine Reclamation South & West (PDF format) or (Word format                                      

Shallow Rooted BMPs 

Shallow Rooted BMP Mix General (Under revision) (PDF format) or (Word format)


Silvopature Southeast (PDF format) or (Word format                                                                    

Solar Pollinator Plantings

Low Growing Solar Array Mix South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)       
Low Growing Solar Array Mix Northeast (PDF format) or (Word format
Low Growing Solar Array Moist Soils South & West  (PDF format) or (Word format       


Compacted Trail General (PDF format) or (Word format)
Eroding Bank Stabalization Northwest & South  (PDF format) or (Word format)                                        

Urban Prairie

Little Bluestem Urban Prairie (PDF format) or (Word format                                                    

Specialized Wet Mixes

Wet Meadow Forb/Sedge/Rush South & West (PDF format) or (Word format                  
Inundated Swale South & West (PDF format) or (Word format)
Deep Marsh Mix (PDF format) or (Word format)


State Seed Blending Contract

Contract number S-915-5 is the state seed blending contract for Minnesota. State agencies can use this contract for ordering seed as well as local government partners that are part of the state’s cooperative venture program.

NRCS Seed Calculators

For many BWSR funded conservation projecs such as for the RIM program, NRCS seed calculators are commonly used to develop custom seed mixes. These seed calculators can be found on this NRCS webpage.

Maps for Distribution of Mixes

The following maps show the distribution of grassland, wetland and woodland mixes (southeast, northwest, etc.).

perrenials image

perrenials image

nonpoint image

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