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BWSR Grant Program Reporting Overview

Grant Fund Reporting

Recipients of BWSR grant funds are required to report expenditures, measurable outcomes and activities from the previous calendar year as outlined in the grant agreement. BWSR may withhold grant payments if the grantee is not in compliance with ALL Board reporting requirements.

The deadline for grant reporting varies by grant program and the terms of the grant agreement; however, generally, these deadline dates are:

Grant Reporting Resources

Grant Expiration Dates List (updated November 27, 2018) - This is a list of grant (allocation) fund names and their respective original expiration dates.

eLINK Reporting at a Glance (updated December 18, 2018) - This is reference of basic reporting elements that are expected to be entered in eLINK. Additional program reporting details may also be required.

Website Reporting Requirements at a Glance

Please reference your organization's grant agreements or consult with your Board Conservationist for grant-specific reporting requirements and exact dates. Failure by BWSR to list a grant or accurate expiration date does not constitute a waiver of the reporting requirement nor BWSR's right to enforce it. If you have questions regarding reporting, compliance, eligible activities, etc., please contact your board conservationist.

Guidance materials for reporting in eLINK can be found on the eLINK page.

Additional Required Reporting

BWSR requires specific program and financial reporting in addition to grant fund reporting. Annual reporting must comply with the requirements and formats set by the Board. Those reports are:

Local Governmental Unit
Annual Financial Statement TSA Joint Powers Organization
March 15
Annual Report SWCD
March 15
Farm Bill Assistance Report SWCD
Financial Reports SWCD
March 15
Technical Approval Authority (TAA) SWCD
June 1
WCA: 2018 Annual Reporting Form All WCA LGUs
February 1

Supplemental Reporting

BWSR may act as the fiscal agent on behalf of other state agencies. These agencies have specific program requirements and may request additional reporting specific to these programs.

Administrative Guidance & Policy

Grant Profiles

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