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Lateral Effect and Drainage Setback Information


You must know the USDA soil map unit symbol to use these tables.

BWSR and the St. Paul District Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) recommend that those using lateral effect/setback distances for purposes of the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) and/or Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (404) first go to on the Minnesota NRCS website to obtain current lateral effect information.

For some soil types (e.g. soils known to have high organic content) users will be prompted to seek further assistance from NRCS staff. In those instances users should not seek NRCS staff assistance and should instead use the setback distance in the 2012 drainage setback tables above that BWSR and the Corps have adopted. NRCS can only provide technical support for USDA program eligibility, not WCA or 404 purposes. Users are reminded to review the above Drainage Setback Guidance concerning the use and limitations of drainage estimates.

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