Grant Description

Buffer Cost Share grants provide funding to SWCDs for cost-sharing contracts with landowners to implement riparian buffers or alternative practices on public waters and public ditches consistent with Minnesota Statutes 103F.48. More information on this program can be found on the Minnesota Buffer Law main page.

For FY22 & future, a funding request and workplan must be submitted via eLINK. Eligible landowner applications should be described as part of the Application Budget at the time of the funding request.

Reporting Overview

Buffer mapping can be a simplified polygon in the general location.

The Buffer Cost Share program is subject to the requirements outlined in the grant agreement, Clean Water Fund Policy, and the policies within BWSR’s Grants Administration Manual. Funding is provided through the Clean Water Fund, making these grants subject to all Clean Water Fund reporting requirements. This includes reporting on any staff time paid for through these funds (using the eLINK FTE calculator) and use of the Legacy logo where applicable and practicable.

Grantees should report expenditures and Actual Results in eLINK. Mapping in eLINK is required. Buffer mapping can be a simplified polygon in the general location. Enter the acres of buffer installed within the Activity Details. As count of parcels brought into compliance and acres treated are the most important measurable outcomes for this grant, it is not necessary to enter pollution reduction estimates. The total number of parcels brought into compliance under the grant must be reported in the final Progress Report narrative.


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eLINK Reporting Requirements



Program Policy

Clean Water Fund – Subject to all CWF requirements, including use of the Legacy logo.

Administered By


Funding Request Completed in eLINK

Yes (for FY22 & later; not required for FY18)

Proposed Indicators in Funding Request


Exempt from eLINK Reporting


Additional Report Attachment


Non-eLINK Reporting Required

FY18: Yes - a list of eligible applications must be submitted to Grants Coordinator

Work Plan Required

Yes (for FY22 & later; not required for FY18)

Match Requirement


Activity Details (Practices & Indicators)




Rates & Hours

Yes (if funds used for staff time)

Payment Schedule

100% Advance Payment