Our mission is to improve and protect Minnesota's water and soil resources by working in partnership with local organizations and private land owners.

Value Proposition

BWSR provides statewide leadership to improve and protect the state’s water and soil
resources to enhance the health, safety, economic well-being and overall quality of life for all

BWSR works with local government partners through planning, technical and regulatory
oversight, and performance review. We are uniquely positioned through state law to develop
and implement programs resulting in healthy soil, clean water and abundant aquatic and
terrestrial habitat. As the state’s water and soil conservation agency we direct, coordinate, and
provide funding to local governments to help private landowners and communities meet their
conservation goals and responsibilities.

Our activities are governed by an appointed board whose members represent citizens, local
governments, state natural resource agencies and the University of Minnesota. BWSR
directives and initiatives are shaped by the partners they impact, which assures the relevancy
and value of our programs and projects.

Strategic Areas of Impact and Direction Statements

The eight Strategic Areas of Impact listed below were identified by BWSR Staff and Board members as the most important things BWSR has to ‘get right’ to more fully achieve our mission and unique value proposition over the next 2 to 3 years.

Pursue Organizational Excellence  

BWSR will strive to embody our core values and fulfill our mission

Enhance Local Government Unit Capacity

BWSR will support the development of trained and knowledgeable local government staff, provide financial and technical assistance to LGUs and collaborate on legislative initiatives to enhance the reach of their work.

Strengthen Local Governance

BWSR will encourage and support the utilization of local governance authorities and mechanisms to improve and protect the state's water and soil resources.

Transition to Watershed Based Planning, Management and Funding

BWSR will guide local water management authorities towards collaborative watershed based priorities and implementation with measurable outcomes.

Establish and Report Clear, Tangible Measures and Outcomes

BWSR will identify measures and outcomes to demonstrate the impact of BWSR programs on improving land and water resources

Broaden and Enhance Conservation Partnerships

BWSR will engage and foster opportunities with other organizations to meet conservation goals representative of all Minnesotans.

Integrate Human Dimensions into BWSR Planning and Programs

BWSR will recognize and consider the motivations, values and cultures of those impacted by our programs and decisions.

Communicate Strategically

BWSR will seek to be accessible, direct, proactive and responsive in how we listen to, and communicate with, our staff, our partners and the public.