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Minnesota Graphic Minnesota Wetland Report


I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction

A. The Wetland Conservation Act

III. The Wetland Conservation Act in 1997 and 1998

A. Overview of the 1997 and 1998 Numbers
B. Additional WCA Aspects
C. Wetland Banking
D. WCA Financing
E. WCA Enforcement
F. WCA Compensation and Valuation
G. WCA Appeals

IV. Regulatory Simplification

V. The Minnesota Wetlands Conservation Plan

VI. Other Programs

A. State Programs
B. Federal Programs
C. Nonprofit and Private Organizations

VII. Trends in Losses of U.S. Wetlands

VIII. Wetlands Gains and Losses

IX. Wetlands Numbers for Minnesota

X. Further Needs and Analysis

XI. National Viewpoint: Enumerating Wetlands

XII. Appendix

  • Appendix A: Minnesota Wetland Conservation Act Pre-Statehood Wetland Areas (map)
  • Appendix B: Minnesota’s 81 Major Watersheds (map and list of numbers and names)
  • Appendix C: Local Governmental Units; WCA Administrator Contact List
  • Appendix D1: 1997 WCA Data Reported by Local Government Units, Paper Reports
  • Appendix D2: 1998 WCA Data Reported by Local Government Units, LARS
  • Appendix E1: Road Wetland Impacts, 1997 Final Reports [Public Road Wetland Replacement Needs by wetland type and % area] (map)

  • Appendix E2: Road Wetland Impacts, 1998 Final Reports [Public Road Wetland Replacement Needs by wetland type and % area] (map)

  • Appendix E3: Wetland Acres Lost to Local Road Projects, 1996-1998 (map)

  • Appendix E4: Sites with BWSR-Owned Acres (map)

  • Appendix E5: Local Government RoadsRequired Replacement of Wetland Impacts Through Wetland Banking (map)

  • Appendix E6: Road Replacement Acres Required vs. Acres of Private Credits Available for Sale (map)

  • Appendix F: Comprehensive Wetland Protection and Management Plans Summary Sheet

  • Appendix G1: Wetland Bank Status Report

  • Appendix G2: Wetland Banking in Minnesota (fact sheet)

  • Appendix G3: Non-Road Wetland Acres Purchased from Bank, through 1999 (map)

  • Appendix H1: RIM Reserve (fact sheet)

  • Appendix H2: RIM Wetland Restoration Program Summary

  • Appendix H3: State and Federal Conservation Easement Funding (Supply vs. Demand)

  • Appendix I1: Wetland Data from Anderson and Craig (list)

  • Appendix I2: Wetland Comparison [with percent wet, deep, upland, and total area] (list)

  • Appendix I3: Wetland Comparison, including Circular 39, by County (list)

  • Appendix J: Assessing Wetland Function and Value

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