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Feb. 22, 2006 meeting notes - WCA Stakeholder Advisory Committee

WCA Stakeholder Advisory Committee
PCA Boardroom Central
February 22, 2006 


Steven Commerford, Mn Soybean Growers Assn.
Harvey Nelson, Mn Outdoor Heritage Alliance
Brian Watson,  Mn Assn. of Soil and Water Cons. Districts
Keith Hanson, Mn Power
Mary Mueller
Davis Kessler (for Mollie Dean), Sierra Club
Deb McGovern, MN Steel/MN Chamber of Commerce
Frank Pafko, Mn Dept. of Transportation
Roger Lake, Mn Assn. of Watershed Districts
James Vagle, Builders Assn of  the Twin Cities
Les Bensch, Mn Conservation Federation
Rich Dahlman, DNR-Forestry
Mike Phillips, Mn Forest Resources Council
Jim Weidemann, Mn Viewers Association
Dan Stinnett,  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Ben Meyer, Wetland Professional Assoc.
J. Wagner, Audubon - at large
Bruce Gerbig, DNR
Kim Larson, Kandiyohi Co. Ag Business Development
Doug Norris, DNR
Kevin Lines, BWSR
Dan Helwig, PCA
Marie Valencia, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Carol Lovro, Assn of Mn Counties
Jim Tunheim, Mn Farmers Union
Annalee Garletz, Assn of Mn Counties
Dan Greensweig, Mn Assoc. of Townships
Janette Brimmer, Mn Center for Environmental Advocacy
Fred Corrigan, Asphalt Ready-Mix Assn. of Mn
Brian Pasko, Sierra Club
Chris Radatz, Farm Bureau
Ray Bohn, Mn Assn. of Watershed Districts
Louis Smith, Mn Assn. of Watershed Districts
Daryn McBeth, Mn Agri-Growth Council
Wayne Edgerton,  DNR
Lance Ness, Fish and Wildlife Legislative Alliance
George Erickson, Wetland Banker
Keith Carlson, Metropolitan Inter-County Assn.
Doug Fischer, MN County Engineers Association 

Call to Order

BWSR Executive Director Ron Harnack called the meeting to order.

Welcome to the WCA Assessment Project.

Ron provided an introduction to the Wetland Conservation Act and the purpose of the WCA Assessment.

Project Overview/Roles/Process

Dave Weirens asked everyone in attendance to introduce themselves. He then reviewed the information that was provided for this meeting: 

He went on to discuss how the Assessment will be undertaken and the role of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will discuss and develop options, ideas, and suggestions regarding the topics the Assessment will address. These options will be referred to the BWSR Wetland Committee who in turn will forward recommendations to the BWSR Board and Clean Water Cabinet. 

A Committee member suggested that the size of the group will require bringing material for the Committee to react to. Another Committee member suggested organizing a smaller group to prepare materials for the larger group to react to. 

Wetland Conservation Act History

Doug Norris, DNR provided a history of the WCA going from the 1970’s to the present. Several Committee members asked for a copy of the presentation, Dave Weirens indicated it would be posted on the BWSR website.

Wetland Conservation Act 101

Dave Weirens provided background information on the WCA, focusing on the topics that will be address during the Assessment. Several Committee members asked for a copy of the presentation, Dave Weirens indicated it would be posted on the BWSR website. 

Minnesota Wetland Restoration Strategy Workplan

Dave Weirens reviewed the draft workplan for the Wetland Restoration Strategy that is also being developed in response to the Governor’s September 7 letter. The Committee was asked to review the workplan and provide comments. 

Next Meeting – March 21

Dave Weirens indicated he would include the WCA Assessment Stakeholder Areas of Interest Survey form in an email to Committee members along with the current WCA statute. 

Several additional issues were identified: 

The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m. 

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