Section 1 - Introduction

A “Minnesota Wetland Restoration Guide” was first published in December 1992 by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). This Guide had an emphasis on engineering design and provided technical guidance for restoring drained wetlands and their management. In more recent years BWSR has published additional guidance on restoring drained wetlands including establishing vegetation as part of restoration projects.

wetland restoration projectInformation from these prior documents along with new concepts, strategies, and techniques are incorporated into the new, updated Minnesota Wetland Restoration Guide. Included is information from updated research and hands-on experience of practitioners from across the state. The result is a comprehensive multidisciplinary document that offers sound engineering and ecological principals for restoring and creating functional and sustainable wetlands in Minnesota.

This section of the Minnesota Wetland Restoration Guide discusses the purpose and scope of the document, describes its organization and use, and lists and acknowledges its principal authors and development staff.

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

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