Section 4 - Engineering Design and Construction

Achieving a functioning wetland that mimics natural wetlands should be the goal of every wetland restoration. Restoration success requires careful consideration to the engineering design and construction needs of a project.

A primary goal of the Engineering Design and Construction Section of the Minnesota Wetland Restoration Guide is to provide current and reliable information about engineering analyses and design principles that can be used to address a variety of wetland drainage and alteration scenarios common across much of Minnesota’s landscape. small dam, part of wetland restoration projectThe design strategies and construction processes presented are targeted toward achieving functional and sustainable wetland restorations. The information presented uses accepted engineering design standards and practices which follow hand-in-hand with consideration to the safety and welfare of the public and surrounding infrastructure.

Individual chapters address design considerations for hydrology and hydraulics, restoration strategies, outlet structures, and other important project features. Other chapters address considerations for preparing construction plans, specifications, and contracts, along with information about wetland and construction related permits and regulations. Finally, information is provided about construction implementation including: hiring contractors, staking and laying out construction plan components, inspecting the work of contractors during the construction work, and performing final project inspections and certifications.

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