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January 2018

Fillmore SWCD project restores capacity of 1955 flood control structure

The centerpiece of one of the first farmer-led conservation efforts in the U.S., a dam built in the 1950s to protect Preston from flooding, is being restored to its original capacity Read more.

Financial reconciliations provide transparency for the state

During 2017 Grants Compliance Specialists from BWSR met with nearly 100 agencies, while reconciling over 150 grants. Located in the north, central and south regions of the state, these specialists conduct financial reconciliations with grantees—an important component of grants monitoring. Read more.

Excellence in conservation: 2017 MASWCD Outstanding Employee

The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) is excited to announce that Peter Mead, Administrator for Becker Soil and Water Conservation District, has been named the 2017 Outstanding District Employee of the year. Read more.

Excellence in conservation: 2017 MAWD Outstanding Employee

Phil Belfiori, District Administrator for the Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD), maintains a focus on outcomes for district projects, which mirrors the long-term view he and his team take with project development. Read more.

Featured Plant: Prairie Milk Vetch

Prairie Milk Vetch is an example of a Minnesota plant that is not widely known but provides many ecological benefits. Like other members of the pea (Fabeaceae) family it fixes nitrogen, meaning that it adds nitrogen to the soil that can be used by other plants. It also has abundant flowers that attract many pollinator species. As a species that prefers drier conditions, it is native to Minnesota’s western prairies and grasslands and can be found in higher elevations and even deserts in states to the southwest. Image by Peter M. Dziuk of Minnesota Wildflowers Read more.

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