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January 2017

Farm Bill Assistance Partnership sees increased demand for conservation in 2016

Helping landowners understand and make the best choice of available options for establishing conservation practices and wildlife habitat on private land is the primary objective of Minnesota’s Farm Bill Assistance Partnership. As Minnesota’s State Buffer Program rolls out and existing Conservation Reserve Program contracts expire, the people in these positions have seen increased demand for their services. Learn more here.

Balancing Production and Resource Needs

Irrigation is a common management practice for farming in the sandy soils of Otter Tail, Wadena, Hubbard, and Todd counties. Those sandy soils are closely tied to ground water quality and quantity concerns. The local priority concerns of elevated nitrate levels, expanding agricultural irrigation, susceptible soils and groundwater aquifers, and local wellhead protection resulted in the local water plans identifying groundwater protection as a high priority, a priority shared by the State. Learn more here.

Accelerating water quality improvements in Scott County

In December 2014 BWSR awarded a $2,200,000 Clean Water Fund grant to the Scott Watershed Management Organization (WMO) as part of its Targeted Watershed Program to address multiple impairments in the Sand Creek watershed and its tributaries. The program focuses on watersheds where the amount of change necessary to improve water quality is known, the actions needed to achieve results are identified, and a majority of those actions can be implemented within a four-year time period. Learn more here.

Red Lake’s Jesme named 2016 Watershed District Employee of the Year

At the Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts Annual Convention in December, Myron Jesme of the Red Lake Watershed District was honored with the 2016 Outstanding Watershed District Employee of the Year award. Learn more here.

Crow Wing’s Barrick named 2016 SWCD Employee of the Year

At the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts Annual Convention in December, Melissa Barrick of the Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District was honored with the 2016 Outstanding District Employee of the Year award. Learn more here.

Featured Plant: American Highbush Cranberry

Attractive flowers and foliage and an abundance of bright red drooping berries that last through winter months give American Highbush Cranberry year-round interest. Perhaps no other shrub has been planted more often for wildlife and conservation plantings given its habitat value for birds and animals, edible fruit, pollinator benefits, effectiveness as a living snow fence and ability to stabilize soils in riparian areas. Learn more here.

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