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September 2012

A large cistern capturing runoff from the roof was installed
by the mall's main entrance.

Maplewood Mall unveils clean water features

On Sept. 15, 2012, the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District celebrated the completion of an innovative rainwater management project that has been installed at Maplewood Mall.

Through the efforts of many partners, 375 trees and 55 rainwater gardens have been installed over the past three years to control stormwater runoff.

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Digging at the Grand Marais archeological site

Digging up bones on the Grand Marais

As the Red Lake Watershed’s "Grand Marais Creek Outlet Restoration Project" progresses, it does not come without challenges and delays. The latest delay is of particular interest. No, it is not environmental permitting, landowner opposition, or even financial support. It relates to past land use activities. It appears the site chosen to install one of two drop structures to reduce severe bed and bank erosion in a cut off channel of the Grand Marais Creek to the Red River (constructed in the early 1900’s) was previously chosen (about 8,000 years earlier) as an encampment site by the people of the early Archaic period.

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A teaspoon of quality topsoil contains up to one
one billion bacteria and over 4,000 species

The Year of Soil

2012 has been a remarkable year for soils in Minnesota. In April, the Minnesota Legislature designated the Lester soil series as the Official Minnesota State Soil. With this declaration, Lester joined the ranks of iconic Minnesota symbols like the loon, walleye and the pink and white
lady’s slipper.

Lester soils are found in 17 counties in south-central Minnesota, covering more than 500,000 acres. These soils formed under alternating prairie and forest vegetation and the majority is now in agricultural production. Lester soils are extremely productive and are of significant importance to the Minnesota economy.

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A member of the National Guard removing buckthorn

The Grant that keeps on giving

If you've visited Ramsey Park in Redwood County lately, you may notice it’s looking a lot tidier.

In early September, National Guard units from Redwood Falls and Hutchinson worked in the park to remove two
more acres of the invasive plant, buckthorn, which is smothering out native plants.

From equipment purchased through BWSR's Cooperative Weed Management Program, the Redwood Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has partnered with the National Guard for the past four years to battle this invasive plant.

"We were awarded an $8,000 grant in 2008, and the Guard removed 4.5 acres of buckthorn in Ramsey Park in 2009-2010," Marilyn Bernhardson, Redwood SWCD District Administrator, said. "This has been the grant that keeps on giving."

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Fish Lake
Fish Lake

Fish Lake conservation drainage retrofit

Fish Lake, which is a headwater to the Watonwan River and located in both Jackson and Cottonwood counties, is an important regional water resource. The lake itself is a regionally significant fishery due to its relatively deep depth (>20’) for this region, lack of a muddy bottom, and a naturally reproducing small mouth bass fishery.  This project, which is nearly complete, will help restore Fish Lake’s water quality by installing practices to reduce inputs from upland areas of nitrogen and phosphorus.

A number of drainage water management and erosion control practices are being installed around the lake, including nine wood chip bioreactors, drainage water control structures, open tile intake replacements, and four grade stabilization structures.

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