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October 2012

BWSR celebrates 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary Merger Photo

25 years after the Minnesota Legislature merged the Soil and Water Conservation Board, the Water Resources Board and Southern Minnesota Rivers Basin to form the Board of Water and Soil Resources, BWSR reflects on its many accomplishments and looks to the future. Read about our history and watch a slideshow on the BWSR history page.

Northern White Cedar Photo
Northern White Cedar

Northeast White Cedar Plant Community Restoration Project

The Board of Water and Soil Resources received a $250,000 LCCMR appropriation in 2011 for the Northeast White Cedar Plant community restoration project. Northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) wetland plant communities have been declining in Minnesota for decades. One of the goals of this project is to reverse the decline of northern white cedar wetland plant communities in the state through establishment of restoration and preservation demonstration projects and training local and state government land managers on restoration and protection techniques.

Read more about this in the October 2012 BWSR Snapshots Newsletter

Construction of a fish barrier to prevent carp migration.
Photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota.

An Ugly Problem: Controlling the Common Carp

Originally from Europe, common carp (Cyprinus carpio) were imported in the 1870s by the U.S. Government to satisfy the requests of European immigrants. Carp are fairly intelligent and long-lived, with life spans exceeding 50 years. They can become a water quality nightmare as they scavenge the bottom for worms and other tiny organisms, scouring up to several inches deep in lake, wetland and river bottoms. This causes the uprooting of native vegetation and the re-suspension of bottom sediments, and as a result phosphorus is released. This can eventually lead to algae-dominated (turbid) lake conditions, especially in shallow lakes, that no longer sustain waterfowl and other species.

Read more about this in the October 2012 BWSR Snapshots Newsletter

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