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July 2013

July Featured Plant of the Month: Large-Flowered Penstemon

The Large-flowered Penstemon is a short-lived perennial plant that most commonly grows in the sandy soils of the open prairie. It is one of the showiest of the penstemons, the name "grandiflorus" meaning "grand flowering." Check out July- Featured Plant article to learn more about the large-flowered penstemon.

July Featured Plant

Kean publishes second article in the Farmer Magazine

BWSR Chief Engineer Al Kean penned the article, "Farmers install multipurpose drainage management practices" in the July 2013 Farmer Magazine, highlighting producers across Minnesota who have utilized multipurpose drainage in their operations. Click here to read the article.

Kean Farmer Mag

Final delineation completes wetland restoration

Final DeliniationOn a peaceful June day, Dave MacNeill pulls into the Robert Jacobson Memorial Unit - Janet Johnson Memorial Wildlife Management Area (JJWMA) to scout birds and other wildlife with his dogs.

Five years ago, MacNeill wouldn’t have had this opportunity. Previously a privately-owned farm, the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) partnered with the Department of Natural Resources to purchase the land and began restoring the site to its pre-settlement condition, a tamarack wetland. Click here to read the article.

Photo: MacNeill, a resident of North Branch, and his Jack Russell terriers may be the most frequent users of the site, visiting “twice a day, 360 days a year.� He is one of many local residents who use the JJWMA for bird watching, cross-country skiing, hiking and hunting.

The state's first SWCD, Winona County, celebrates 75th year of service

stablished in 1938 around three Winona County watersheds, the Burns–Homer–Pleasant Soil Conservation District became the first conservation district in the State, and was eventually renamed the Winona County SWCD in 1986 after a series of consolidations.

In 2013, that SWCD is celebrating its 75th birthday, the first in the state to do so. Click here to read the story.

Clint Dabelstein was the Burns-Homer-Pleasant SWCD supervisor from 1938 until 1985, photo courtesy of Winona Daily News.

Clean Water Funds solve long-time problem in Pomme de Terre River

Every year, more than 115 tons of soil was washing away from the banks of the Pomme de Terre River, adding that much sediment to the stream.

Finally, with Clean Water Funds, a project was completed in 2012 to solve the erosion problems below the south side of the dam at Pomme de Terre Park in Morris, Minn. Click here to read the article.

Photo: Four stream barbs were constructed along the Pomme de Terre River bank to divert flow into the center of the stream and prevent erosion on the banks.

New eLINK system debuts in June 2013

Tracking progress in protecting and restoring Minnesota’s water resources just got a lot easier

Launched in June 2013, the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) upgraded its conservation tracking software, eLINK. The new web-based system will track statewide conservation projects and activities, through improved efficiency and increased transparency for general public access. Click here to read the article.

Map: Clean Water Fund conservation practices installed FY2010-12.

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

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