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Grants Administration Manual

This grant manual establishes the administrative and programmatic requirements for all grants administered through the Board of Water and Soil Resources. The manual includes the following sections:

Administrative procedures are those matters common to all grants, including topics such as: processing and amending grants, technical quality assurances, reporting, noncompliance, and records retention. These requirements are distinguished from programmatic requirements, which are specific to an agreement or to a grant program; or implementing practices, which includes matters common only to those grants that install practices. All provisions for the administration of grants that are less restrictive than these administrative requirements are superseded, except to the extent that they are required by statute or regulation, pertain to existing agreements, or are authorized in writing by the Board or Water and Soil Resources.

Implementing practices details procedures for activities that construct practices and projects, including items such as: processing conservation practice contracts, operation and maintenance guidelines, vegetation guidelines, and pertinent forms. The provisions within this section may be required by a specific grant program.

Programmatic requirements include grant program specific policies and guidelines. Program policies provide the expectations for implementation of funds for a given program, including items such as: eligible activities, application procedures, program-specific requirements, and match requirements. Program guidelines are consistent with administrative requirements, although additional limitations may be imposed.

Optional and example forms include forms and example documents that have been made available for use, but are not required of any grant program.

Changes Effective July 1, 2018 for FY19 Grants and Beyond:

BWSR's Board approved a new Grants Monitoring and Reconciliation policy at its meeting on June 27, 2018.


Administrative Requirements

Implementing Practices

Programmatic Requirements

Optional and Example Forms

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