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MN CREP Marketing and Communication Resources

Solid communication and engagement are keys to successfully working with landowners. Below you will find ready-to-go tools and templates for you to use in your marketing and communication efforts. We will continue to add more materials over time.

Landowner Profiles

We are creating a series of landowner profiles to share stories about why people sign up for MN CREP, and how they feel about it. Feel free to use these profiles to engage landowners through advertisements, newsletters, flyers or emails.

There are two types of profiles in the areas listed for your use.

Hills, Minnesota

Freeborn County

Freeborn County

Check back often for more landowner profiles from around the 54 county MN CREP area, and contact Jenny Gieseke if you have a landowner in your area that should be highlighted.


Have a booth at a public event? Need a display sign for an upcoming presentation? We have pull-up MN CREP banners available for checkout. Send an email to and provide your name, contact information, and the dates you need the banner. We’ll send it out to you for your use, along with a way to return it to us.

Please provide at least two weeks’ notice for banner request.


Marketing Templates

CREP News Release Template Summer 1028

Do you have important MN CREP news to share with your local media? Download this ready-to-use news release template to share the good news. Download below!

Over 200,000 acres of CRP are set to expire this year and MN CREP is an available option for enrollment. Click below to download a template news release that can be used to inform landowners in your District.

Do you have an upcoming event and need something to promote MN CREP? We’ve created a handout with six reasons for people to sign up for MN CREP. Download below!

Need help with advertising MN CREP locally? Download a template for a 30 second radio spot for use in your area. Fill in your name and contact information and you’re all set!

Desktop Signage

Download the MN CREP desk sign to place in your office to remind visitors to ask you about MN CREP.

MN CREP is an option for CRP acres that are expiring in September. Click below to download the desktop sign.

MN CREP Contacts


For more information about MN CREP:
Tim Koehler
Senior Programs Advisor
Board of Water and Soil Resources

For help with MN CREP Marketing & Communications:
Jenny Gieseke
Organizational Effectiveness Manager
Board of Water and Soil Resources

MN CREP Website

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