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Information for citizens about BWSR and the Legacy Amendment

How do we restore water quality in lakes, rivers and streams?

Legacy Amendment dollars appropriated to BWSR pay for on-the-ground projects like these:

A ravine in the City of Savage was sending sediment into the Credit River and Minnesota River ...

... surface water runoff from city streets caused severe erosion, and an unsafe area for city residents. A Legacy Amendment grant, and local dollars through the Scott Watershed Management Organization rebuilt and stabilized the ravine. The result is a savings of 50 tons of sediment per year, and improved safety. Read more about this project

Loss of shoreline vegetation on Lake Freemont in Sherburne County was contributing to heavy algae blooms ...

... erosion increases sediment and phosphorus in the lake, and destroys aquatic vegetation that is necessary for fish and wildlife habitat. A Legacy Amendment grant and local dollars through the Sherburne SWCD stabilized the shoreline using bio-engineering. The project reduces phosphorus in the lake by 355 pounds per year and sediment by 400 tons per year, which will help restore water quality and habitat. Read more about this project

These are just two examples of the many types of projects that are eligible for BWSR's Clean Water Fund Competitive Grant program. Summaries of projects funded through BWSR grants are available on our Clean Water Stories page.

BWSR also receives Legacy Amendment dollars for the Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM Reserve) program, a wetland restoration and sensitive area protection program.

We keep track of all the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment projects on our website so that you can stay in touch with accomplishments in your community, see how the money is being spent, and help generate ideas for future projects.

How citizens can take advantage of Legacy Amendment dollars available through BWSR

Whether your goals are to protect and restore water quality or wildlife habitat, citizens should start by contacting an LGU. Map image

Is there a lake, river or stream in your area that you want to protect or restore?

Do you have land in agricultural production that is flood-prone or located near sources of drinking water?

Do you have a septic system that needs to be replaced?

LGUs have staff that will help determine the best solutions for specific water quality concerns in your area.Your LGU has information about projects that remedy these issues, and other information about dollars available for water quality and habitat projects. Many have citizen advisory committees that provide feedback and make recommendations on priorities for protecting and restoring water resources.

Use the interactive map to search by address or zip code to find conservation LGUs in your area:

Or see the following LGU directories for contact information:

BWSR Legacy Amendment Fund Appropriations

BWSR has prepared a report that outlines the comprehensive strategy used to implement the Fiscal Year 2011 appropriation from the Clean Water Fund. This report meets the requirements of Minnesota Laws 2009, Chapter 172, Article 2, Section 6.

News Coverage of Clean Water Fund Projects


What are other organizations doing with Legacy Amendment dollars?

Protecting Minnesota’s waters is a joint effort of many individuals and organizations.

Check out the Clean Water Fund Interagency fact sheet for a brief summary of what BWSR and other state government agencies are doing to identify water quality problems and to implement solutions.

Here are links to other agencies that collaborate and partner on Minnesota’s water resource management activities under the Clean Water Fund:

For more information about Legacy Amendment funding for all state agencies, please see the Omnibus Legacy Bill or the Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) website: Minnesota's Legacy, Watch the progressLink to LCC website

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