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Rural Preserve Property Tax Program

Owners of non-agricultural class 2b land may be able to receive a tax deferral benefit through the Rural Preserve Property Tax Program.

A new law makes several changes to the Rural Preserve Property Tax Program. (Full text of the law:

The main impact for SWCDs is that the law repeals the requirement to develop a conservation plan approved by an SWCD. Additionally, it terminates all existing conservation plans and covenants that have been developed for landowners for the program. SWCDs will no longer have any connection with the program.

The Rural Preserves Program will continue to be implemented by county assessors along with other tax incentive or deferral type programs. The new law extends the enrollment deadline this year until August 1. This is designed to allow time for tax assessors to provide information about these changes to the public and for affected landowners to decide whether to apply. Starting in 2012, the annual enrollment deadline will be May 1.

Property Tax Information for Privately Owned Forest Land

Property taxes: Overview at features information about the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) and the 2c Managed Forest Land Classification (Class 2c), tax programs to reduce ownership costs on sustainably managed forest land, and other helpful links to property tax resources. The site is hosted by University of Minnesota Extension.

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